Max Townshend: A Visionary Pioneer in the Evolution of Hi-Fi Vibration Control

In the late eighties, a pivotal era for the audio industry’s exploration into vibration control, Max Townshend emerged as a bold innovator with a groundbreaking idea. Despite resistance from the established echelons of the audio community, Townshend’s audacious approach to taming vibrations with air-filled bladders set him apart and also notably with the ‘Trough’ on […]

Why did we choose a mechanical low-pass filter for vibration control in audio?

When it comes to achieving optimal audio performance, isolation techniques play a crucial role in minimizing vibrations and external disturbances. As technology advances, two popular methods have emerged – the use of polymers and the application of low pass filters, exemplified by Townshend’s innovative solution. In this blog, we’ll delve into the advantages and drawbacks […]

MBL 101 x-treme and custom built Townshend Seismic Podium

The Seismic Isolation here is designed with 6 Loadcells to accomadate the MBL X-tream The epitome of high-fidelity expertise at Dukkan HiFi, Turkey’s premier hi-fi consultancy. Hakkan, the mastermind behind Dukkan HiFi, employs cutting-edge solutions to enhance the performance of his clients’ audio systems. One standout example is the integration of Townshend Audio accessories, specifically […]


Just wanted to update you that I finally was ablr to get some help over here and we did the install in the manner you recommended. Since the three metal vertical support rods that the sub and drivers are mounted on extend about a quarter inch below the bottom of the sub, I had to […]