The Seismic Isolation here is designed with 6 Loadcells to accomadate the MBL X-tream

The epitome of high-fidelity expertise at Dukkan HiFi, Turkey’s premier hi-fi consultancy. Hakkan, the mastermind behind Dukkan HiFi, employs cutting-edge solutions to enhance the performance of his clients’ audio systems. One standout example is the integration of Townshend Audio accessories, specifically the Townshend Seismic Isolation for the formidable X-tream speakers.

To meet the unique demands of the X-tream speakers, Townshend undertook a bespoke build. The process involved using the speaker’s footprint to create a customized template. Precision steel cutting followed, with six strategically placed load cells incorporated to provide robust support for the exceptionally heavy speakers.

These custom-built podiums serve a dual purpose, effectively isolating both gross and micro vibrations. Townshend achieves this through the implementation of a mechanical low-pass filter that not only isolates but also purifies the sound. This innovative approach ensures an unparalleled audio experience, elevating the performance of speakers to new heights.

Moreover, Townshend offers the flexibility to create custom podiums tailored to speakers of any size. This commitment to bespoke craftsmanship exemplifies the dedication to delivering audio solutions that transcend the ordinary. 


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