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At the heart of our innovation is the Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium, a breakthrough in vibration control that tunes suspensions down to an impressive 3Hz. Unlike conventional rigid couplers, our Seismic Isolation system provides a more natural, less analytical sound, allowing you to enjoy music as it was meant to be heard.

Why Choose Townshend Seismic Isolation?

Tuned Suspensions to 3Hz

Our Seismic Isolation technology is engineered to eliminate vibrations as low as 3Hz. This is in stark contrast to rigid couplers, which are often tuned higher and can make music sound edgy and overly analytical. Our tuned suspensions ensure a smoother, more relaxing listening experience, free from the distortions introduced by higher-frequency vibrations.

Mechanical Low Pass Filter

Townshend Seismic Isolation acts as a mechanical low pass filter, effectively stopping vibrations across all planes of axis. This means our system isolates not just horizontally and vertically, but in every direction, ensuring comprehensive vibration control. Conventional rigid couplers, on the other hand, typically only address horizontal and vertical vibrations, leaving your sound susceptible to distortions from other planes.

Pure Music Experience

For those who seek to experience music in its purest form, our Seismic Isolation technology is the answer. By minimizing unwanted vibrations, our system preserves the integrity of the original sound, delivering an audio experience that is immersive, accurate, and emotionally engaging.

no accessory I’ve ever purchased in my several decades as an audiophile — no tips, spikes, pucks, pods, pads, bricks, blocks, stands, platforms, weights, dampers, certainly no wire products of any sort including line conditioners and filters —has brought the transformative improvements that the Podiums have, and with absolutely no negative consequences.

Paul Seydor

April 2024

The Townshend Difference

Max Townshend, the brilliant mind behind Townshend Audio, dedicated his life to improving the enjoyment of music for audiophiles everywhere. His innovative approach to vibration isolation challenges the conventional wisdom of rigid coupling, offering a solution that truly enhances your listening pleasure.


Townshend Audio Creator

Max’s journey began after completing his studies in communication engineering when he embarked on his first commission as a communications officer aboard the Lockheed P-2 Neptune antisubmarine aircraft.


Townshend Audio Creator

Max Townshend introduces his Audio innovations

~ 3 minutes

Max Townshend mini lecture on vibration in audio systems

~ 25 minutes

'Seismic in the wild'- the national audio show,uk

~ 8 minutes

Choose seismic isolation that fits your needs


Significantly enhance sound by isolating the audio system from structural vibrations.


Significantly enhance sound by isolating the audio system from structural vibrations.


Support system designed to isolate all hi-fi, audio and video components from vibration.


Designed to break the acoustic connection between the speakers and the floor.


Designed as a range to accommodate any size and weight of speaker.


Provide vibration isolation for almost any equipment rack, stand, platforms or speaker. 


For speakers with unusual shapes and weights we can prepare a special custom design to cater to your needs.


The devices are placed under the piano legs to break the acoustic connection to the floor. 

What our customers says about us?


Rating of 185 reviews

David S
David S
The analogy to my recent purchase of Townshend Seismic Podiums (Podia?) for my Wilson speakers relates to something that happened when I was in a pub in London with a colleague many years ago. We ordered a few Guinesses. I took mine, said Cheers and started drinking. My colleague waited a few minutes until the foam had died down, looked at the glass that was now about 85% full and said to the bartender "And the rest of it?" At which point his glass was topped off. The technical stuff is on their website, but I can tell you some of what I'm experiencing with the Seismic Podium 4's on my tube system. 1. First, a tiny rumble that would come on with the system, but before the music began was now gone. My guess is that some vibratory feedback between the speakers and system had been eliminated by the Seismic Podiums. I had always blamed my amp's tubes so I guess I owe them an apology. 2. As many others have pointed out in other places, there seems to be a touch less bass, but my impression is that that's just whatever smearing was going on being removed. The bass remains full, quick and detailed. 3. Mids - top end cleaner. Some top end smearing at high volumes was the reason I looked into speaker isolation in the first place and these did the trick in cleaning it up. If a recording is sibilant you'll still hear that. Well recorded music sounds better with some detail and nuance that was lacking in my case before - especially on more complex symphonic recordings and at higher volumes. I don't want to give the impression that the differences are only for loud music. I'm finding the music fuller and more enjoyable at low volumes as well. FWIW the other reason I bought these was that I didn't want to put spikes through a nice rug or damage my floor and I don't personally love dealing with little metal disks under 200+ lb speakers. Also, I sometimes like to shift the speakers around and that's difficult for me with spikes. Solved by putting some sliders under the feet of the Seismic Podiums. I like the flexibility to be able to put the Podiums on wood/carpet/cement... In terms of setup, it was pretty easy. I really like the leveling methodology which Townshend makes easy by just rotating the footer tops. (Counterclockwise to raise / Clockwise to lower). I will warn you that the first few hours listening are a little disorienting as you suddenly hear more everything in your music. I noticed better imaging and detail in particular. I think the soundstage is a bit deeper / wider but I have no plans to A-B that to confirm at this point. Your mileage may vary. Finally, the customer service was A+. John answered my many questions quickly, politely and helpfully. You tell him what speakers you have and he recommends which Podiums you need (1-5) and puts the right springs on before shipping. They were shipped quickly and arrived in perfect shape. So overall, my takeaway is that if you want the rest of it, either wait around in a pub in London or just get these things for your speakers.
john hannant
john hannant
World leading products and the best customer service I have experienced in 30 years of buying High End Audio equipment. After sales care is also the very best I have experienced. Very highly recommended products and customer relations I will definitely buy from Townshend family again!
Max Townshend's product designs are nothing short of remarkable and exemplary industry-defining achievements that set the bar. I use the Allegri control unit, the Fractal and Isolda analogue and digital interconnects and on a new loudspeaker system soon to be launched, the isolation pods. Every product makes a transformative improvement to sound quality and does so without recourse toward the ridiculous in pricing. I pray Max's legacy will continue, for I doubt there will ever be anything to match, let alone better what he has achieved.
Derek Abrahams
Derek Abrahams
Bought a Townshend Rock7 turntable several years ago. A fabulous sounding record player. Nothing I have previously owned or heard comes close.I have owned and heard some super decks. The Rock7 is at the top of the pile.
Egon Rosenberg
Egon Rosenberg
Great products, seismic podiums do give your speakers a big upgrade. I give 5 out of 5 stars because they deliver what they promise, highly recommended +++ kind regards to John from Egon

And finally –

Large cone excursions cause your speaker cabinet to act like a “tuning fork,” with the floor as the sounding board. This vibrational noise can often be felt during loud bass passages, particularly on suspended floors, and can be heard in adjacent rooms. This impure sound mixes with the desired sound, resulting in overpowering “fat” bass.


Break the link to the floor with Seismic Isolation
and eliminate this noise.

Enhanced Sound Quality

Enjoy a more natural sound with improved attack and decay of notes.

Relaxing Audio Experience

Say goodbye to the harsh, analytical sound of rigid couplers and embrace the smooth, relaxing tones of your favorite music.

Comprehensive Vibration Control

Isolate vibrations across all planes of axis for a truly pure listening experience.


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frequently asked questions

Townshend Audio’s mechanical low pass filter exemplifies true decoupling, offering a level of vibration isolation that far surpasses conventional attenuation methods. By effectively isolating components from vibrations down to below 3 Hz, Townshend ensures that high-fidelity audio systems perform at their best, free from the distortions caused by external vibrations.

  • Conventional Attenuation: Devices that merely attenuate at higher frequencies, typically at around 14Hz are limited in their ability to control low-frequency vibrations, which can still interfere with the performance of sensitive equipment.

When we float the speakers in the audio band on dampened low pass filters we free the music from the constraints of a speaker and the room. It’s magical

Yes, Seismic Isolation technology can be used with virtually any audio system. Townshend Seismic Isolation products are designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of audio equipment, including turntables, speakers, amplifiers, and other components. By minimizing unwanted vibrations, our technology enhances the performance of your existing setup, delivering a clearer, more immersive sound experience. Whether you have a high-end audiophile system or a more modest setup, you can benefit from the improved sound quality that Seismic Isolation provides.

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