Just wanted to update you that I finally was ablr to get some help over here and we did the install in the manner you recommended. Since the three metal vertical support rods that the sub and drivers are mounted on extend about a quarter inch below the bottom of the sub, I had to have a “plinth” cut to put between the sub’s bottoms and the podium to elevate enough to prevent those rods from resting on the podium. I used a sheet of ½” HDF ply cut to the dimensions of the bottom of the sub and the interface seems to work beautifully and invisibly as well. With the help of a laser level we were able to complete the job and fine tune tow-in and do all the other requisite futzing in about three hours. Took a break for some dinner, then fired up the tubes and took the system on a test drive.

Actually, it was with some trepidation that I cued up the first selection. I was fearful that any changes noticed would be insignificant, Those doubts were gone within the first five seconds. It was a little bit shocking to experience the degree of upgrade in performance. If you will recall, I had been using Stillpoints with their largest bases (called ultrabases), those having replaced large brass carpet piercing spikes. I loved the bass articulation I achieved with the spikes but could not get rid of the floor shake problem (I listen loud) and, after consultation with Jim Smith, the Avantgarde distributor at the time who told me I should be pursuing a decoupling solution instead of the coupling one I had in place, I ended up with Stillpoints. They actually were very effective in reducing floor shake but the price I paid was with reduced bass articulation. I lived with this for about 4 years.

Enter the podiums. In my system, in my room, and as deployed, these things are bass monsters. It seems like I’m actually getting more present powerful bass delivery, especially an increased presence in the upper bass/lower midrange. This ramps up the sense of greater body and density in the soundfield, adding more gravitas and foundational heft. And most importantly (to me), all of this comes with heightened articulation and transparency. And yes, I’m hearing details and musical phrases rendered in ways I’ve never heard/noticed before. This is a big win for me because I very much like being able to peek deep into the mix and to unravel all the little elements that combine to form the fabric of the piece. And even though the primary influence of the podia seems most apparent in the lower registers, it was also obvious that there was something good going on up in the tinkly sound territory as well. With all this going on there was absolutely zero presence of any sheen or glaze over the musical construct…it was just a truly clean presentation.

I’m sure I’ll discover more and more as time and listening sessions pile up. But for now I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be needing to save the boxes they came in. You may well receive a further update or two as I spend more time with these devices.

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