In the late eighties, a pivotal era for the audio industry’s exploration into vibration control, Max Townshend emerged as a bold innovator with a groundbreaking idea. Despite resistance from the established echelons of the audio community, Townshend’s audacious approach to taming vibrations with air-filled bladders set him apart and also notably with the ‘Trough’ on the Rock turntable, a damping system utilising silicone fluid to stabilise the tonearm, significantly reduced arm resonance, thereby enhancing tracking and sound clarity.

Fast forward three decades, and the landscape is now saturated with sophisticated isolation devices, boasting intricate designs reminiscent of Escher. These devices claim to prevent vibrations from penetrating speakers and rebounding. Yet, scepticism persists.

The audiophile elite, driven by vested interests and a desire to promote their exclusive products, strive to maintain their influence. In contrast, we stand as an independent voice in the audio realm, committed to unwavering principles. We have never aligned ourselves with the exclusive brotherhood that dominates the industry.

Our core mission has consistently been to elevate fellow enthusiasts by offering genuine, no-nonsense hi-fi improvements. While we value the organic spread of positive experiences through word of mouth and the occasional unbiased reviewer, we remain steadfast in our commitment.

In navigating the cacophony of industry noise and sponsored content, the challenge lies in making our mark and proving the efficacy of our audio vibration reduction techniques. 

We understand the challenges of operating in a cutthroat industry dominated by pay-per-view dynamics. However, we take solace in the existence of discerning, independent-minded consumers who see beyond the facade. These individuals, our allies, distinguish genuine quality from the industry’s smoke and mirrors.

Let’s delve into insightful discussions on sound isolation solutions, vibration control, noise control in audio systems, vibration damping for audio equipment, acoustic treatments genuinely reducing vibrations, and anti-vibration products without unnecessary embellishments. We explore vibration isolation platforms that deliver on their promises, ensuring a stable audio playback experience, free from unwanted vibrations.

Rest assured, our commitment is to communicate without drowning you in technical jargon or corporate rhetoric. We are a collective of rebels striving to make a meaningful impact in the complex and, at times, perplexing audio landscape. Join us on this journey, and together, let’s revolutionise the industry, one serious discussion at a time.

"It was the 'Trough' we hated… The fact you had to deal with all that nonsense of putting the record on a platter after moving the Trough out of the way… and then having to engage that extension on top of tonearm back into the trough, constantly worrying that somehow you would end up with the damping fluid on a prized album? No thanks!!! It was everything we hated about that end of the hifi world… we wanted everyone to have an LP12… and if they couldn’t afford it, a Rega 3. The world was that simple and we wanted anyone and everyone who loved music to buy something simple and good sounding to listen to music and to not think of hifi as a hobby… but as a means to an end."

When Max Townshend developed thr Rock turntable in the early eighties with front end damping 'trough' this cartoon lampooned by the idea but all these later many proponants of this technology enjoy it's accurate playback today enjoying cult status and sell for a premium visit

"Why the Trough has not become universal is, indeed, an ongoing mystery, because this thing works." Robert E. Green

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