Seismic pro

A major advance in isolation technology for professional settings

  • Studio monitors for superior mastering
  • Large club rigs with rattling subwoofers
  • Ac Pro towers for studios preventing micro-jitter
  • TV and film camera rigs cutting footfall jitter
  • Microscopic equipment and measurement instrumentation and prevention of micro-tremor interference
  • Piano Forte and string instruments for greater clarity and musicality
  • Mac Mini used and digital sources with a massive external power supplies
  • Any situation where neighbours are disturbed by bass note transferal through adjacent walls, floors and ceilings i.e Yachts with sound systems or powerful home theatre systems.


Picture yourself on your luxurious yacht, surrounded by the pulsating beats of the music. Our isolation weapons work effortlessly to break the acoustic connection, isolating the sound and preventing vibrations from resonating through the yacht’s structure. The result? A vibrant and immersive party atmosphere that remains contained within your designated party area, allowing your guests to dance the night away while ensuring others enjoy a peaceful slumber.

When it’s time to escape into a thrilling cinematic adventure, our isolation weapons work in harmony with your private cinema room. They create a barrier that isolates the explosive sound effects, preserving the clarity and impact of the action while ensuring your sleeping guests remain undisturbed in their peaceful retreat.

With our luxury isolation weapons at your disposal, you can create unforgettable moments of entertainment, free from the worry of disturbing others. Your yacht parties will reach new heights of extravagance, and your cinema room will transform into a haven of thrilling experiences, all while maintaining the utmost comfort and tranquility for everyone on board.

Elevate your entertainment spaces to the epitome of luxury. Explore our exclusive range of isolation weapons and unlock the power to enjoy unforgettable parties and cinematic adventures without compromising the peace and serenity of your guests. Experience entertainment like never before and let the magic unfold in harmonious isolation.

Isolation for Professional settings- Piano forte-computers- cameras- microphones, microscopes- DJ consoles and sub arrays

Our Professional Seismic Isolation has been used in large cinemas, bars, restaurants, studios and large home theatre installations.  

Halcyon club- San Francisco- SUB ISOLATION

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A new nightclub dubbed Halcyon has opened in San Francisco, ushering in a new era of clubbing culture on the West Coast.

With a focus on showcasing the world’s most sought after DJs, labels and brands, Halcyon has big plans to become a global clubbing destination. In its opening month, artists like Fritz Kalkbrenner, Dubfire and Joseph Capriati have all graced the DJ booth, with Sharam, Sander Kleinenberg, Tiefschwarz and more set to round out the year.

The talent coming through Halcyon is commendable, but the atmosphere is what allows the venue to shine. The structure is a converted early 1900s SOMA brick and steel-beamed warehouse with massive skylights and high ceilings. Plus, a rare 24-hour licence allows for the club to host marathon events unlike any currently taking place in San Francisco.

Owner and manager Gina Milano, a respected San Francisco entrepreneur, touched on the unique aspects of this immersive setting: “Our visuals team have fused the latest technology into bespoke light shows, utilizing cutting edge tools including a six-laser projection mapping system, pixel control super flat on the original industrial beams and moving light capabilities. Every show will be different, tailored to each individual act.”

Not to mention Halcyon is also Pioneer Pro Audio’s flagship in the San Francisco Bay Area, promising quality sound of the highest degree.

I am the owner and founder of Commercial Audio Video Solutions, Inc. We specialize in installed sound systems for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and other hospitality applications.

In the Halcyon project, I was responsible for designing selling, and installing the sound system. Pioneer was eager to earn the business so I played the middle man between Halcyon and Pioneer and helped to negotiate the deal.

Gina brought in Andy & Rich to assist with he system installation and tuning as they were experienced with the acts that Gina would be bringing into the venue. They are also long time friends. Rich & Andy run the system on a nightly basis as my role in the project has now been fulfilled.

I personally was extremely impressed with the level of isolation the isolation bars were able to achieve. They are by far the best product I have used in the pro audio world for this purpose. The building was very challenging to begin with. There are multiple sources of vibration that could cause undesirable acoustic effects and residential properties on all sides of the space. Using the Townshend Audio isolators we were able to increase the dB level on the dance-floor without disturbing nearby neighbours or creating resonances in the building itself!

Just six months after its opening night no  the Halcyon club has already been rated as one of americas essential US underground music venues 6am,

The brick and steal beamed warehouse set in San Francisco Bay Area is in close proximity to business and residential premises and now the new venue enjoys a newly awarded 24 music license owner and founder Gina Milano eager not to violate the cities article 29 regulation on noice abatement enlisted the expertise of long term friends and sound designers, step forward, Andy Kayll

Found more recently buzzing along with his cohort Rich Watch who helps Kyll on Mondays and Wednesdays at DC10, a converted aircraft hanger, both tending the amp room and ensuring the

Andy is known by many as the wizard,  for his talents are said to border on alchemy, relied on to give a kind of balance to the sound that only some can achieve from techno, when done badly base can sound one noted and fatiguing, when done just right.

when done just right the base can become varied and take you on a musical journey.

Gina had met Andy on the island and had planned to bring the pairs expertise out west to tweak the sound set up to run in the system optimising it for the artists Milano had planned for the Halcyon.

Kayll and Milano knew the venue would be problematic for bass vibration and drew upon recourses from Townshend’s Seismic isolation range to remedy the problem.

The six sub woofers un isolated would set the steal beamed structure creating the tell tale rattle and kick back thud that untreated large venues often create when ground bourne vibration is enough to set the structure to resonate.

The units were made to measure using computer software to insure exact fit into/no area for mistake.

The units were put in place by Don.

Here is Don’s story:

This brick and steal beamed warehouse is in the downtown, Bay Area of San Francisco in close proximity to business and residential premises , it also has a 24 hour music licence.

owner and founder Gina Milano was keen not to violate the cities article 29 regulation on noice abatement and enlisted the expertise of long term friend and sound designer,step Andy Kayll,

Andy then drew upon recourses from Townshend’s Seismic isolation range to remedy the problem.

The six sub woofers un isolated would set the steal beamed structure creating the tell tale rattle and kick back thud that untreated large venues often create when ground bourne vibration is enough to set the structure to resonate.

The units were made to measure using computer software to insure exact fit into/no area for mistake.

Odeon London
Dolby Atmos
Stops vibration and rattling associated with huge sub woofer bass
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Dolby Atmos at London's Odeon

ODEON Leister Square, London, Townshend Seismic Isolation for subwoofer array.

Townshend Audio have just completed a major isolation installation to remedy the inevitable rattling when moving that amount of air the sheer power of the sound system

The design of the rig at the Odeon needed an isolation that would prevent rattling from the huge subwoofer array.

Dolby Sub-Woofers, containing 32 x 18″ drivers, all isolated on 48-pod Pro-Bars.

The pods are orange in the pictures.

Any Project Undertaken
Suspended Sub suspension with Townshend Pro Seismic
Bespoke Pro Solutions
Detailed drawings
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"The isolation platform arrived yesterday morning and seems like it will be perfect for our needs. Consequently, I would like to obtain a quote and lead time for 5 further platforms. QUB Queens university physics Department
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Queens University Belfast Physics Department- Scanning microscope

 A scanning tunnelling microscope or STM for short is a highly sensitive piece of kit and highly susceptible to jitter. The Queens University Belfast were having issues with vibrations affecting the performance. The Townshend Seismic isolation platform was used to control the unwanted resonances enabling for a far greater performance.


SEISMIC PIANO FORTE: Break this link and the result is simply magical!

A major advance in piano technology

The amazing isolation concept

A surprisingly high percentage of the sound that comes out of a piano travels through the legs and into the floor. This can both ‘muddy’ the sound and become an annoyance to neighbours. 

Townshend Audio, who are specialists in acoustic vibration control in the audio industry, introduces the Piano Isolators. The devices are placed under the piano legs to break the acoustic connection to the floor. 

The piano is now more responsive to the pianist’s touch and the sound is remarkably more lively, pleasant and tuneful. The improvement in sound is very noticeable and immediately appreciated by all who experience it.

Using the isolators, the piano is now decoupled from the floor, virtually eliminating the vibrations generated by playing the piano from entering the building. This makes it very neighbour friendly.


A Piano Isolator comprises a suspended triangular platform supported by three adjustable vibration isolation Loadcells™, which are placed, one under each of the three legs of a grand piano.

A central recess will accommodate and centre all sizes of castor.

The isolators will accommodate pianos weighing up to 500kg and will raise it by about 25mm (1”), which is virtually unnoticeable when played.

To install the isolators a purpose built hydraulic jack is available to lift the piano.


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