Seismic Piano Isolators 1x set of three




A major advance in piano technology

The amazing isolation concept

A surprisingly high percentage of the sound that comes out of a piano travels through the legs and into the floor. This can both ‘muddy’ the sound and become an annoyance to neighbours. 

Townshend Audio, who are specialists in acoustic vibration control in the audio industry, introduces the Piano Isolators. The devices are placed under the piano legs to break the acoustic connection to the floor. 

Break this link and the result is simply magical!

The effect on your piano

The piano is now more responsive to the pianist’s touch and the sound is remarkably more lively, pleasant and tuneful. The improvement in sound is very noticeable and immediately appreciated by all who experience it.

Using the isolators, the piano is now decoupled from the floor, virtually eliminating the vibrations generated by playing the piano from entering the building. This makes it very neighbour friendly.


A Piano Isolator comprises a suspended triangular platform supported by three adjustable vibration isolation Loadcells™, which are placed, one under each of the three legs of a grand piano.

A central recess will accommodate and centre all sizes of castor.

The isolators will accommodate pianos weighing up to 500kg and will raise it by about 25mm (1”), which is virtually unnoticeable when played.

To install the isolators a purpose built hydraulic jack is available to lift the piano.

Registered design 6000890

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 17 cm


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