Seismic Platform

The Seismic Platform is a unique isolation concept that works by preventing vibration from corrupting delicate audio signals

The benefits of isolating gramophone turntables from mechanical vibration have been understood for some time.

But what about DACs and CDs?

CD mechanisms are almost as critical as turntables since they have to read 5-micron tracks accurately at speeds of over 5 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the crystals used in the clocks which control the timing circuitry of DACs and CD mechanisms are very sensitive to mechanical vibrations. So for optimum error-free performance, some isolation is necessary to protect these digital components from harmful vibrations.

The Townshend Seismic platform employs a mass-spring system to provide the perfect solution.

Here’s how 

Townshend Seismic products have been designed to decouple audio components from external mechanical vibrations above 3Hz; a frequency is chosen to be well below the audio band but high enough to filter out virtually all unwanted vibrations such as footsteps, doors closing, lifts operating and global seismic effects. These products use a damped mass-spring system which is easy to adjust to suit the weights of a wide range of audio components.

Especially designed to isolate individual components such as CD players, turntables, DACs, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, computers and streamers from deleterious vibration.

The Seismic Pods can be used under any equipment

Splendid Isolation

Introducing Townshend Audio’s extraordinary passive autotransformer preamplifier, the Allegri Reference. With its distinctive ‘Big Foot’ appearance, this remarkable device incorporates built-in isolation, ensuring a truly immersive soundstage.

Each instrument finds its rightful place in the sonic panorama, creating a mesmerizing three-dimensional experience that engulfs you in a symphony of pure audio bliss.
The importance of comprehensive isolation in every facet of Hi-Fi separates, including preamplifiers, becomes undeniable when the isolation is momentarily interrupted. As the soundstage narrows, the impact on the overall listening experience becomes apparent, emphasizing the criticality of maintaining uninterrupted isolation throughout the audio chain.
The Allegri Reference stands as a testament to the necessity of embracing comprehensive isolation. creating an unparalleled audio journey, free from the constraints of interference and external disturbances. unveiling the true potential of your Hi-Fi system.
Embrace the power of isolation and experience a transformative audio revelation. . Elevate your Hi-Fi separates to new heights, and allow the Allegri Reference to unlock the full potential of your audio system.


Uneven loaded components can be supplemented with extra pods providing perfectly balanced isolation.

Seismic Pods

Positioned under any piece of equipment, Seismic Isolation Pods will dramatically improve the sound by breaking the acoustic connection between the audio system and structural vibrations in the room.

The Seismic Isolation Pod is a Seismic Load Cell™ with a circular foot attached to the lower end cap for stability. The length may be adjusted by turning the top end cap, which allows easy levelling of audio equipment placed on a set of four Pods. There is a soft felt protective piece on the top and bottom faces of the end caps to allow for easy positioning and to prevent scratching.

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The Seismic Isolation Platform includes a durable slim steel top plate that integrates unobtrusively under any hi-fi component.

The acoustically dead constrained-layer damped plate combined with a Seismic Load Cell™ attached to each corner is the ultimate combination to absorb and isolate unwanted vibration, including structural, air-borne and that generated by the hi-fi equipment.

The Seismic Isolation Platform is available in three standard sizes:

  • Size 1 43x30cm (17×12″)
  • Size 2 48x35cm (19×14″)
  • Size 3 52x40cm (20.5×16″)

Platform working height is approximately 40mm (1.5″)

The Platform can be levelled by turning the adjustable Seismic Load Cell™.

It is important to specify the weight of your equipment when ordering. Bespoke platforms are available for any size or weight of audio equipment.

Seismic Platforms are available with seven different weight range capacities, varying progressively from less than 1 kg up to 200kg.

The maximum load when using four ( 4) type “F” Load Cells is 200kg (440lb). For loads greater than this, simply add more Load Cells. Virtually any weight of equipment can be isolated.

Each Load Cell is screw adjustable in height to allow for out of balance loads where the centre of gravity of the component is not near its geometrical centre. If the level balance cannot be achieved, then it is suggested to use additional Seismic Pods positioned under the Platform as necessary, to balance the load.

For asymmetric components such as a valve (tube) amplifier with the transformers at the rear, different load capability Seismic Load Cells™ can be used to balance the load.

We suggest, for reasons of ease of set-up and loads that are not equally distributed, that consumers always select the stronger Load Cell where two values overlap in the graph below.

For example, when using four (4) type “C” Load Cells, the maximum supported weight should be equal to or less than 52.4 Kg.



Townshend Audio have been striving for music with out unwanted vibration and jitter for 40 years and our commitment to offering you the optimum results is second to none. Our customer support team works with you to insure the correct support rating for your components insuring you suspend uneven weighted products, this might require extra supplementary Pods for total balance and peace of mind.

All Townshend products have been designed to enhance any sound system. By introducing our Maximum Super Tweeters, for greater harmonic harmony with the Isolda Speaker cables for mitigated micro reflections as well as our Seismic Isolation you will elevate musical enjoyment to new levels.

Prevent jitter in all components

There is no such thing as too much isolation and progressive isolation will only enhance the performance yet further. Why not explore our Seismic Corners that can damp vibration on all your components in one go!

Silver disc players

With silver-disc players vibration directly affects the laser mechanism causing excessive errors and jitter. As with LPs, the size of the modulation in a CD are in the micron range as they again produce rainbow coloured reflections

Computers streamers & Dacs

Computers, streamers and DACs, as well as silver disc players, all contain crystal oscillators. It is well documented that external vibration causes Vibration Induced Phase Modulation in crystal oscillators, which means they are highly susceptible to mechanical vibration. It is the stability of the crystal oscillator that defines the fidelity of the reproduced sound, so it is imperative no external vibration should enter a crystal controlled component.

Tube or valve amplifiers

With tube or valve amplifiers it is well known that they are extremely microphonic, as external vibration rattles the micro-phonic electrodes, especially the grids, causing severe sound degradation.

Transistor ampliifiers

Transistor amplifiers also have microphonic components, including capacitors and connecting wires which move relative to one and another generating rogue voltages. All of these mechanisms combine to degrade the delicate audio signal.

Plug play forget

Once the platform is under your source component you have optimum Vibration damping piezoelectric connections now free from all unwanted jitter. You can now forget about it! Unlike any other form of isolation witch will degrade over time.


Turntables are highly sensitive to vibration due to the minute amplitude of the recorded information. Reflected light from an LP shows rainbow colours due to the groove modulation amplitude being commensurate with the wavelength of light, between 4 and 8 microns.1 micron microtremors rise the noise floor of non-isolated record players, inevitably degrading the sound; - not to mention stylus jump due to footfall


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