Seismic bars & corners

Produce a wider and deeper sound stage.
Enhance clarity throughout the whole frequency range.
Improve bass definition.
Eliminate structure-borne feedback between the speaker and vibration sensitive equipment.
Allow for neighbour friendly high level listening.
Eliminate irritating boom caused by coupling through the floor to adjacent rooms.

Introducing the Townshend Seismic Low Pass Mechanical Filters for All separatesThe Seismic Corners a cutting-edge solution revolutionizing equipment isolation. Unlike other isolating feet found on the market, our mechanical filters boast a superior advantage: an extensive and wide-ranging frequency isolation capability, surpassing the capabilities of traditional pucks, metal balls, and polymers.

By incorporating our seismic corners beneath your existing hifi rack, you unlock an all-encompassing isolation technique, providing unparalleled protection for all your hifi separates simultaneously. To ensure the perfect fit for your specific setup, simply provide us with the combined equipment weight, and we will precisely calculate the ideal load cell required to meet your exact needs.

Presenting the Seismic Bars for speakers up to 75Kg –depending on the shape of the speakers and it’s center of gravity: an exquisite and cost-effective solution designed to isolate speakers in situations where space is limited, or when visual aesthetics are of paramount importance. With a focus on minimizing visual disturbances, these bars offer an elegant and discreet enhancement to your audio setup.

Featuring adjustable capabilities, the Seismic Bars allow you to precisely tailor the speaker’s footprint, optimizing space utilization to the fullest extent. Whether you need to reduce the speaker’s width or place it front to back, these bars accommodate your preferences flawlessly.

With their sleek appearance resembling small silver balls discreetly positioned at each corner of the speaker, the Seismic Bars effortlessly blend into any audio environment, maintaining the visual integrity of your setup.

Discover the seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics with the Seismic Bars – a sophisticated choice for uncompromising speaker isolation.

Advantages of Isolating Vibration with a Mechanical Filter:

Broad Frequency Range


Mechanical filters can effectively isolate vibrations, including low-frequency vibrations, across a wide frequency range. This makes them suitable for applications that involve varying vibration frequencies.


High Load Capacity

Mechanical low-pass filters, such as the Townshend Seismic Load Cells, can handle high loads and provide robust isolation for heavy equipment or structures. They can support substantial weight and absorb significant vibrations, making them suitable for applications with demanding load requirements.


 Mechanical filters are generally known for their durability and longevity. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions, temperature variations, and exposure to chemicals or oils, making them suitable for applications in challenging environments.Customisation: Mechanical filters can be designed and engineered to meet specific requirements. They can be tailored to accommodate different load capacities, vibration frequencies, and installation constraints. This flexibility allows for precise tuning of the vibration isolation system.

Seismic corners

Isolating all audio equipment on any rack or console in one hit

Simply slip each corner under the legs of your furniture to float your audio equipment for immediate and life long sonic bliss.

Seismic bars

Seismic Bars are perfect for when space is at a premium 

the Bars can even be placed back to front as well as side to side,  isolating with minimum visual impact.

We recommend the Bars for smaller speakers but they can accommodate larger speakers up to 30Kg. The sonic results almost identical. The Podiums have the extra benefit of additional mass and the contained layer damping.

Adjustability & installation

The Seismic Bars can be adjusted accommodating any upgrade in speaker with differing width or length, providing the mass suits the Loadcell.

To install, first remove any spikes or cones from your speakers and slip one bar under the front of the speaker. Then tilt the speaker forward and slide the second bar under the rear. Very small adjustments allow for setting the speakers vertical. Even though the speakers are floating, it takes a very big push to topple them.

The Seismic Bars are available with five different weight range capacities, varying progressively from less than 5kg up to potentially over 75kg.

We strongly recommend using Seismic Podiums for loads above 30kg if single-handed, or up to 75kg for ease of use and stability reasons, especially on equipment taller than 1m and/or high center of gravity.

We suggest, for reasons of ease of set-up and loads that are not equally distributed, that consumers always select the stronger Load Cell where two values overlap in the graph below.

For example, when using four (4) type “C” Load Cells, the maximum supported weight should be equal to or less than 52.4 Kg, including the weight of the Podium base plate.

By using Seismic Isolation Bars you will be able to enjoy your music at its natural volume level, – as if you were listening to a live performance – without annoying the neighbours!

Float your speakers

Seismic Isolation Bars are designed to break the acoustic connection between the speakers and the floor, thus preventing the passage of unwanted vibration between the two. Used in pairs under any speaker, be it floor standing, stand-mounted or sub-woofers.

Because of the very compliant nature of the Seismic Load Cells™, the speakers effectively float in the room at frequencies above 3Hz. Each bar comprises a very strong steel cross-piece with raised ends under which are attached two Seismic Load Cells™.

Free your sound

When installed you experience ‘The Townshend Effect!’ The sound improves dramatically, with wider stage width and greater depth and the sound becomes independent of the speakers. Bass becomes tighter and more real, with thuddy boom greatly reduced. A major plus is that the sound of the speakers is no longer transmitted through the structure of the building with the same intensity so your neighbours will probably not hear your music!


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Siesmic Podium

For larger and heavier speakers

Why we don't use spikes

Conventional so-called rigid supports (spikes or cones) aim to hold the speaker cabinet ‘still’ at audio frequencies. However there will be coupling between the speaker and the floor and myriad resonance set up by the mass of the cabinet reacting with the unavoidable springiness of the floor, which can cause vibration of the building structure in the audio band. Rigid coupling also transmits ground-borne vibration into the speaker cabinet and thence to the speaker driver baskets where it is superimposed onto your music. visit Earthquakes on hifi for full explanation

Seismic platforms and pods

phesioelectrisc components and turntables

Fully adjustable and easy to fit

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